Wedding flowers are the main attraction of any wedding. Whether you want your wedding to be simple and traditional or extra magical, the flowers will help you add that elegance.

While there are no strict rules that you have to go with only one type of flower, it helps to get a little guidance. With variety and options comes confusion, and that’s exactly why you need the right florists. The right florist for you understands your choice and can help you with unique and beautiful bouquets and decoration with the flowers you like.

Choosing the right florist for your wedding flowers

When the flowers hold so much importance at your wedding, you want nothing but the best florist, or rather the perfect florist for you. In your quest of finding the right one, here are a few tips to help make it easier to choose the best florist for you.

Set up your budget

Ideally, the flowers and décor should take up about 10% of your total budget for the wedding. In case you want to go for some heavy decoration using flowers, this budget can go up. Decide on how much flower décor do you need and where all do you need it and set up a budget. Look for florists who can give you quotations in or around your budget to narrow down your search.

Seek recommendations

Sure, you want someone with a good sense of styling and someone who understands your choices. But what use is all that if you can’t get on time delivery? You want a florist who’s reliable as much as he’s capable. And how do you find out if someone’s reliable? You get recommendations and check their reviews. Ask around your newlywed friends or relatives for recommendations. You can also find florists online and check out their reviews and go for the ones that have the best reviews and fit all your criteria.

Match your style with the florist first

Of course, you need someone who understands your style when it comes to floral arrangement. But you cannot go to a florist who specializes in minimalist designs and expect him to style you an extravagant bouquet. Establish the floral style you want for your wedding first. Then, find and choose the florist who specializes in the style you like.

If you are confused about which style of floral arranged you should go for, you can:

Check out the venue

The style of the venue and the wedding colors play a major role in determining the color and style of floral arrangements for the wedding. And also, the color theme of your wedding. If the venue is open and breezy, you can go for brighter colors. And for indoors traditional venues, you can even choose minimalist designs.

Look for inspiration online

You can check out Pinterest boards for inspiration for flower arrangements. Filter them out based on your wedding color theme, type of venue, type of flowers you like and more. Save the designs that catch your eye. This can help the florist understand your style better and deliver you the best floral arrangements.

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