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Pick My Blooms

Lush Greens

White modern arrangements. Attractive recyclable bag to carry included. Please note that seasons and availability of flowers can vary. Medium pictured.



Soft, light and fluffy with these yellow, white and green blooms complimenting each other and waiting to bring the feeling of summer into the household.

Large option and vase pictured.



Colourful blooms with the soft, sweet scent of snapdragons.
Medium option pictured.


Sweet and Vibrant

Roses and Sweet William, one of our most popular bouquets.


Pastel Blooms

A burst of pretty corals, whites, and yellows. This Pastel Blooms bouquet makes a great gift for any occasion.
Large option pictured.


Bright and Cheerful

A mixture of colourful blooms sure to make anyone’s day!



A striking bouquet of hot and pale pinks backed by earthy coloured foliage, complete with vase.


Splash of colour

Bright, vibrant arrangement made with orchids, gerbra’s and Molucca balm.


Summer Styling

A hot mix of the colour palette including yellows, orange and red, this bouquet of gerbra’s orchids and the reds of leucadendrums completes this bright heart warming arrangement.


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