Events & Corporate

Our corporate and event flowers are highly professional and exceptionally beautiful.

Tailored specifically to your company, all flowers suit your branding perfectly.

Event Blooms

We collaborate with your company’s marketing (or creative) team, to deliver the ideal floral concept for your event.

A small selection of our favourites include:

Business Chicks

Events with celebrity speakers (Jamie Oliver, Todd Sampson and Arianna Huffington)

Grey Goose

Vodka launch at Elizabeth Bay Mansion


Watch launch at Rockpool Bar & Grill

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Corporate Blooms

Style & Blooms’ stunning floral arrangements lend Zen to every office, hotel and reception space. Our fresh, vibrant designs help liven the workplace atmosphere – welcoming anyone who enters.

Arrangements are delivered punctually weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

We also offer companies a ‘preferred florist’ arrangement – making sudden workplace sympathies and celebrations (like birthdays and babies) easy and efficient to handle.

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